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Chapter 2:

The Trouble responds to a downtown explosion, but what will he find in the icy wreckage? Who is the mysterious woman lurking within?

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Chapters 3 & 4:
The Trouble and Kid Fury return to the scene of a previous adventure, but what will they find? Whatever it is, shit is about to get serious in Capital City.

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I hope everyone is enjoying the Trouble Burger story line so far. It's been a lot of fun to create and design a ridiculous fast food restaurant like this. Since we missed the update this week we thought it might be fun to share some more art and panel details and maybe talk a little about the thing. Also it's high time there was a new blog post.

I really thought a lot about this for whatever reason. How it would actually happen if it was a serious situation with lawyers and all that. You probably noticed that Trouble Burger has it's own distinct logo and doesn't use any of the Trouble's personal branding. Likewise whenever he is in any sort of promotional situation (or being made into an action figure) the chest logo gets swapped out for the TB logo. This is all very much on purpose to keep some distance between the man and the business.

Kid Fury is also completely excluded (we did do the fries based on him, but out lawyers assure us that he has no legal grounds for recourse) as he is a minor, and under what I assume would be the law in Capital City his own heroic entity. It does get a little muddy in the case of sidekicks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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The Double Trouble only at Trouble Burger

Our Story So Far...

It's been almost a year since the defeat of Brainitron, the greatest villain the citizens of Capital City have ever known (and there's been a few). Many perished, but the shadow that permeated this great city has finally begun to lift thanks to one man - The Trouble - a hero who before that day was largely unknown.

This last 12 months has been among the most peaceful in the city's long and difficult history, however evil stirs once again. As before Capital City finds itself in need of a hero, luckily they've got one. But is he up to the task? Can this dark tide of villainy be stopped? Who knows. It’s time to sack-up and find out. For only one thing is certain: There's gonna be trouble!

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