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It's been a year since the defeat of Brainitron, the greatest villain the citizens of Capital City have ever known (and there's been a few). Many perished, but the shadow that permeated out from every crack and crevace has finally been lifted thanks to one man - The Trouble - a hero who before that day was largely unknown.

This past year has been among the most peaceful in the city's long and difficult history, but evil stirs once again. As before Capital City finds itself in need a hero, luckily they've got one. But is he up to the task? Can this dark tide of villainy be stopped? Who knows... only one thing is certain: There's gonna be trouble!

About The Author

Matt Zimmerman live and works in Indianapolis as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer. He has been working on this thing for quite some time. He'd also like to assure the world that he doesn't have some bizzarre fixation on genetalia, that's just sorta how things went.

The Trouble and Dangerous is hosted by R Squared Studios

The Technical Details

This comic was created digitally and almost entirly (99%) in Adobe Illustrator (CS5). Type by BlamBot.